Preschoolers and Aliens

I love kids.  I used to teach kindergarten a lifetime ago until I started having children of my own.  People tease me that I have enough kids of my own to have a class at home now.  I started working as an assistant at a local preschool in January and boy do I have some stories to tell.

Just yesterday one of my little guys that cracks me up on a daily basis bumped his head.  It wasn't a hard bump, but I wanted to check it out just to be safe.  I asked him if he was OK and he replied, "Yeah. I bumped my head and the aliens came and took my brain." OooooKay.  So a little later I checked on him again and he said, "I'm good.  The aliens came and brought me a new brain!" My response: "Then I guess we're good."  Sometimes I feel like aliens have come and taken my brain, but I'm not sure it's all back yet. Oh wait. I have kids. That explains everything.

Here's a few shots from a couple of my preschool portrait shoots this month. Some serious cuties!  And no. None of them had aliens come and take their brain.


A Richmond Reception

A couple of years ago my sister got married in Richmond then had a reception in California. Last weekend a good friend from high school (John) did just the opposite, and I had the privilege of photographing their Richmond reception.

The Boys.jpg

As I walked into the banquet hall, John's mom shrieked, ran up to me and engulfed me in the greatest hug ever. I hadn't seen her since graduation which was many (ahem) years ago. A steady stream of friends I had not kept in touch with entered the party, and it felt like a high school reunion. Well, I guess it did--I missed mine because my son came down with the chicken pox...  

I'd almost forgotten what a great group of folks these guys were. I tried to capture them in a more traditional shot, but what I ended up with was everyone laughing hysterically. Which was even better. That's how I remember them anyway!

In addition to seeing friends from the past, I got to meet John's lovely wife Josanne. She and her girls were so much fun. If they'd just move to the east coast I'm sure we'd be great friends ;-) Or maybe I could make the trip to sunny CA...

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