You gotta know how to pose 'em.  Having taught dance for over fifteen years I approach photographing dancers with the eye of a choreographer.  I aim to capture a photo that wil take you back to doing her hair up in a bun and make that HUGE smile reappear on your face - just like when she first appeared on the stage.

Christmas 2009_0614.jpg


I taught kindergarten before I became a mom and a photographer.  All three roles help me to understand how to capture the moment the personality of the child shines through - a little bit of their childhood you can tuck away and save for later.



The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.  We've all been captivated by the human drama of sports photography.  Whether football, swim team, baseball or another sport, when you're older you'll want to pick up a photograph and feel again how proud you were of them. 

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After the birth of my first child photography grew from an interest to a passion.  There's nothing quite like photographing a brand new person.  And then, when they come back as toddlers and then full grown kids, I feel so privileged to be a part of a much bigger family.